End of the Beginning

19, freshman in college, & still trying to survive in the world.

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You know what really pisses me off? →


The giant amounts of negativity community colleges get.

It just irritates me to no end. Like I used to work with this girl who was graduating high school & had NO idea what she wanted to do college wise. I asked her what if she started at a community college first until she figured it out & she…


" But whyyyyyyyyyy me? "

-T E A M    G A I - 

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So I was watching Naruto

Anime cuties known for their thick eyebrows.

Rock Lee | Kotobuki Tsumugi | Kamiki Izumo

England (Arthur Kirkland) | Erwin Smith | Kiryuin Satsuki

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Rock Lee VS Gaara.

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neji or kiba asked by sasukeeuchiha

No one can determine another’s destiny.

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